About Me And This Website

I started this collection over 50 years ago when I was teaching high school world history with the idea that it would allow the kids to actually have contact with a bit of that history. The original five coins of that collection were the Persian Siglos, Athenian Owl, Corinthian Stater, Alexander the Great drachm and Republican denarius.

In 2010, at the age of 72, I began adding to the collection and it now includes around 50 coins ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 years old. (Some things are older than I am!) This website will include photographs of the best of the collection with commentary about them. I will also provide links to websites which have valuable information, discussion of ancient coins and ancient coins for sale.

Also on this site from time to time I will post the beginnings of a book on the Roman Republic that I am working on.

I debated whether to be politically correct or to make an antiquarian statement. The politically correct approach would be to use 1 BCE (Before the Common Era) and 1 CE (Common Era). (Note there was no year 0.) The politically incorrect is 1 BC (Before Christ) and AD 1 (Annos Dominus--year of the Lord). Being a septugenarian Christian, I have opted to be politically incorrect. My primary historical interest is in the development of Christianity--i.e., what led up to it and its early years--or roughly the millenium between 500 BC and AD 500. Quite frankly, most contemporary historians in the field seem to be sticking to the BC/AD formula.